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Welcome to my blog….

Why Blog, what’s my motivation?

This blog is meant to be a place where like minded individuals can leave a comment or insight on Digital Culture, CIOs, leadership, social media or careers for others…………..I just wanted to be able to give back and enable others to share valuable insights and experiences.

Who am I?

CTO | Tech Business Leader and digital advocate | Chief Blogger @ livingthetech.com | Family Man | Pinot Noir drinker | Sports Fan | Avid Golfer | Beach lover

I am CTO/digital/tech/IT strategist with an operational focus who is able to create a climate for the adoption of digital mindsets & technologies to enhance customer engagement and to simplify business processes.  Above all I am able to create & execute on strategic initiatives to deliver real business value

I constantly look for ways of doing things better, increasing revenue and optimising processes to improve the way a business functions as well as driving a customer first culture. Although I have managed large IT and Technology teams (with overall responsibility for IT as a CIO and CTO), I specialise in IT/Operations Service Management practices, where I have been recognised as one of the top 100 IT Global Service Management Influencers .

I am also regular contributor to the NZ IT industry (speakerblogs, articles, webinars and podcasts) who is equally comfortable working in both Enterprise & start-up/SME environments.



Leading and delivering

I lead by example and aim to win hearts and minds of those around me through a collaborative and engaging leadership style that creates empowered and highly motivated teams that actually deliver and feel free to innovate.


I have been fortunate enough to have held a number of senior roles in industries such as local government, healthcare, telecommunications, media, Internet Service Providers, software and managed IT services.  Where I have created and executed on strategic initiatives/plans that encompassed innovative solutions as part of a collaborative approach to on going delivery and transformation.


Sharing Insights

On a number of occasions I have been asked to share my experiences/insights with a number of startups and larger organisations, advising them on digital operations, customer channels, service management, DevOps, strategy, technologies, delivery methodologies and working with SaaS based solutions.


Views expressed on this site are my own and all tech news published is not meant as an endorsement of the product within the article.