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Redress the balance between Life and devices

It’s almost time to hang up your Christmas stockings for Santa or to just take some time off during this holiday period to redress the balance between life and your devices.  How connected to work will you choose to be over this period?  Sadly, for some of us a digital detox may not be totally possible due to work commitments, with the need to be on call or dealing with year end finances.  You should not let your work commitments stop you from taking some sort of digital detox, there are some ideas on how to achieve this further in this article, so please share your ideas?

So what is a digital detox?

It is a period of time where you switch off all your devices (or at least not checking them all the time), be they cell phones, tablets, iPads, laptops, TVs, or computers.  For those that do not have work commitments over this holiday period will you be taking a digital detox?  A digital detox will also allow you to be closer to your kids, friends and family without the distraction of a device, and remember just because you didn’t take a picture of what ever you are doing, it does not mean that it did not take place…memories should stay with you regardless. You could even have no Netflix days and actually read to your kids or even play a board game.


How might you take a Digital detox?

  1. If you are taking a road trip, leave your cell phone in the car glove box (for emergencies only),
  2. Leave all devices at home when you go on holiday,
  3. Plan some activities that don’t require the use of a device, such as going to the beach or sailing,
  4. Gradually increase the time you take away from your devices, rather than going “cold turkey” straight away,
  5. Build in some detox time during your day,
  6. No Netflix days and play games,
  7. Have tech free rooms, such as the bedroom or kitchen,
  8. Keep your devices out of easy reach, especially when you are at home,
  9. If you are really struggling, take a digital detox holiday where you are truly able to get away from your devices, you could try: digitaldetoxholidays.

Staying connected to work during this holiday?

Given my job I am available 24/7 but as I have a great team, I hopefully will not get too many calls.  But outside that, I am intending to use my cell phone for playing my favourite tunes on Spotify or to check the weather so when I go to the beach it will be without any device. Are you able to stay away from your devices or will work commitments get in the way?  Do you separate out your devices, one for work and one for all other times?  Whatever you do, make sure you set an example for your team on how you want them to behave.


A new approach to life, work and your devices

Maybe use this break as a way of starting off the new year with a less integrated approach to the way you weave aspects of technology in to your life.  After all, in this digital age where we are constantly connected there must be boundaries set to manage both your expectations and those of your employer.  For example, you may only want to check your emails or phone messages after you have put your kids to bed or if your partner has gone out for the night or you may choose not to check work email at all after hours.  That said, outside of work you may decide on taking a break totally from all devices, especially your cell phone.

Have a great holiday and re-charge your batteries….I am also interested to hear how connected or not, you intend to be over this holiday period…and will you be taking a digital detox?

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2 thought on “Your life will improve by ditching technology this holiday period”
  1. Thanks Pete. I took a 2 month digital detox on my sabbatical earlier this year which left me feeling like a new human. It was actually a liberating feeling to go without my phone or lap top. A good exercise to undertake but you need to leave your phone in a drawer. Out of sight really does equate to out of mind.

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