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Careers in the digital age – Am I the solution to an organisation’s “problem”??

Maybe 2020 is the year that you have decided your current job/company offers poor job satisfaction or little in the way of career progression so you might start looking for a new role, employer or even a totally new career.

If you have decided to look for a new role or career change it is definitely the right time to give your resume (aka CV, personal profile, one pager) and/or LinkedIn profile an refresh.  Organisations and hiring managers are looking for people who can add value and positively benefit the organisation.  So in order for you stand out you must show these organisations and hiring managers how you are the “solution” to the very reason why they are recruiting in the first place.  There are 3 keys areas that from my experience you should include on your resume and/or LinkedIn profile:

1. Highlight achievements over responsibilities in your resume

Your resume or LinkedIn profile should not only list your responsibilities but should also include your achievements – this will help highlight the value you can add to an organisation.  These achievements should demonstrate an outcome based on what you have done, for example: “bringing in additional revenue ($500,000) as a result of creating a new commercial pricing model”.  If you can show an achievement that has benefited your customers it will be hugely powerful because most forward thinking digital organisations want to put their customer at the centre of everything they do.

2. Quantify your achievements on your resume

It’s also worth ensuring you have quantifiable figures for each achievement, such as sales targets ($2m) or P&L responsibility ($5m) or even the value of projects delivered ($10m+).  It is also beneficial to demonstrate the scale of your experience, skills and achievements as this allows the hiring manager to compare you to other candidates (you will hopefully stand out).

3. Solving a potential employer’s “problem”

Your resume should be tailored for each job application to show how you are the “solution” to the organisation’s problem.  You will have completed some research on the organisation to see what they are doing in the market and more importantly what their competition is up to.  Not only should you carry out some research on the organisation, but you should also study the position description and competencies required along with any KPIs.  This and your research will allow you to tailor your resume to the job you have applied for by highlighting your achievements that are relevant to the role and that might demonstrate that you are the “solution” to the hiring company’s “problem”.

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You are the solution?

Basically you need to ask yourself, “what value can I bring to this organisation and how can I use my experience and skills to be the “solution” to the organisation’s “problem”?   The “problem” is the reason why the organisation is recruiting for this position in the first place –  you just need to figure out what that problem is and tailor your resume accordingly.  Recruiters/hiring managers will check you out on LinkedIn so it is critical your resume and LinkedIn profile are aligned. Not on LinkedIn? Then sign up today.  Your resume and LinkedIn profile all form part of your personal brand, so they need to reflect who you are.

Go on and give your resume and LinkedIn profile the once over today…and remember to check spelling and grammar

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