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Digital detox this holiday time?

It’s almost time to hang up your Christmas stockings for Santa or to just take some time off during this holiday period to redress the balance between life, work and our devices.  How connected to work will you choose to be over this period?  Sadly, for some of us a digital detox may not be possible due to work commitments, with the need to be on call or dealing with year end finances.


So what is a digital detox?

It is a period of time where you switch off all your devices (or at least not checking them all the time), be they cell phones, tablets, iPads, laptops, TVs, or computers.  For those that do not have work commitments over this holiday period will you be taking a digital detox?


On Average people check their cell phones 200 times a day, or around every 6 minutes – Digital Culture gone mad?

Staying connected to work?

I for one will be available by phone or text as always 24/7, so if needed I can be contacted in the event of a major incident (given my role I can’t get away from this).  That’s pretty much the extent of how connected to work I intend to be, no proactive checking of emails or logging in to the corporate network.  It also helps having a great team (some of whom will be on call), a well thought through holiday support and escalation process that allows for the day to day operations to function as well as catering for major incidents during this period.  So apart from being on call for work purposes I am intending to use my cell phone only for playing my favourite tunes on Spotify or to check the weather.  When I go to the beach it will be without any device.


A new approach to life, work and your devices

Maybe this should be a chance to start the new year off with a less integrated approach to the way you weave aspects of technology in to your work and life.  After all, in this digital age where we are constantly connected there must be boundaries set to manage both your expectations and those of your employer.  For example, you may only want to check your emails or phone messages after you have put your kids to bed or if your partner has gone out for the night or you may choose not to check work email at all after hours.  Outside of work you may decide on taking a break totally from your devices.

Have a great holiday and re-charge your batteries….I am also interested to hear how connected or not you intend to be over this holiday period…and will you be taking a digital detox?


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