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Why blog?

Well, I thought I would give blogging a go by actually creating my own site, instead of producing content for others I wanted to continue to develop my own personal brand, using and controlling my own content.  It has been something I have been thinking about for a while now.  I have spent that last few weeks setting up my site, such as deciding on what provider to use, blog title (, content, pictures and more importantly pinpointing what I actually wanted to stand for, a raison d’être as it were.  Since starting my blog almost a year ago now I really enjoy creating relevant, readable and hopefully useful content (I guess I will leave that up to my readers to decide), it has turned into something of a passion for me, one I would love to do full time.


What to blog about

In the end I decided to go with those topics that genuinely interested me, so for now I am sticking with Digital Culture, leadership, careers & blogging lessons learnt (including opinions/observations) both in my career and as a blogger.  As you can see it has left me with plenty of scope for future blogs/articles.  It was important to me that I was able to share guidance/advice on IT careers as well as personal experiences of moving to New Zealand and the lessons I learnt trying to establish myself in the IT industry.  There will be lots of lessons to learn along the way as I move from novice blogger to a fully fledged blogger, where just maybe it can start to pay for itself.

Over the coming weeks/months/years I intend to start sharing blogging lessons I have learnt so far including those sites that I have found the most useful, so maybe you might give it a go.  Feel free to add more advice in the comments section below…why did you start blogging?

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