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Moving to and increasing blog traffic through SEO

I did a lot of reading during July on what Social Media and SEO experts had done in order to grow and monetize their sites by increasing blog traffic.   Some of the best advice I had seen and read was from Alexander James and what he had tried as part of his journey to $100k a month from blogging, one of the most useful links I found particularly useful is below:

Some of the features I started to include in my own blog:

  • Added a new sign up to updates feature when you first go to my blog:
  • Created a number of new posts
  • Updated privacy policy
  • Signed up to SumoMe to help grow my blog traffic
  • I also moved my site to bluehost as this hosting company gave me better templates and functionality from, at total cost of around $200USD for 2 years of hosting.  Knowing what I know now, I wish I had chosen this hosting partner in the first place. was great for getting a site up quickly, but was limited in terms of templates and add-ons, also creating a WordPress site was easier than I thought.  Increasing blog traffic was the main reason for moving to
bluehost costs
Increasing blog traffic through

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