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How to improve SEO – A novice bloggers journey

This month there was a focus on improving my blog site, both from a User Experience (site responsiveness) and to improve SEO.  I changed the SEO plugin for my blog from All in one SEO to Yeost SEO, as this seemed to have a more intuitive interface when it came to tweaking my blog posts to be optimised for search engines.  Yoast SEO also enabled the creation of more detailed sitemaps that were specific to sections of the site (such as categories and posts).  The most significant development this month was finally getting approval for Google AdSense, my persistence eventually paid off after 13 previous attempts at trying to be accepted on to the AdSense programme.

Some of the features I started to include in my own blog:

  • Yoast SEO plugin installed to replace All in one SEO to improve SEO
  • Created a number of new posts
  • Installed a few more plugins, such as Google tag manager
  • Optimised my site by implementing 2 caching plugins, WP fastest cache and WP super cache, which also also allowed for preloading of the cache prior to scheduled posts
  • Traffic for my the site has improved since July, see comparison graphs below:

Blog traffic

Previous months blog updates:

July 2016 blog update: Why moving to increased traffic


The plan for the next month is to look at ways of increasing traffic to my site, any suggestions please leave a comment below

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