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Digital Transformation – Guest article/blog post

I was pleased to have been asked to contribute, along with 14 Top Thinkers to this Guide to Digital Transformation, from a service management perspective.

Let’s just be honest, life as an IT professional has never been harder and this eBook aims to give readers a quick overview of how to start on the road to digital transformation, and what yo need to do to get your head
around cultural cues, technical hurdles, and even consider some new IT service management/operations models.


Service management is not only for large organisations

Start-ups and high growth businesses need to take the “less is more” approach to Service Management, utilising only the essential parts to deliver maximum agility and customer value. This is especially relevant if organisations are required to support their customers, as the Service Management solution chosen may be their
only interaction with that organisation.


Ease of adoption

When adopting Service Management within a digital world, it must also be easily adopted by your technology teams and customers alike with ease of integration into other systems they may be using.


Agility critical in the market

Having high levels of automation will allow the turnaround of changes from creation to approval within minutes, this is critical for product development to remain agile and adaptable to new markets and to enable increases in velocity for the team.


Reporting is critical

To further demonstrate a positive (or not) User Experience of your product/services, your Service Management solution should provide extensive reporting on key metrics.


Cloud, is the only way to go

The use of cloud-based solutions that offer API integration to a wide variety of systems as well as offering process automation and out of the box functionality with little need for customisation. These cloud-based solutions (such as Remedyforce) also have the benefit
of many years of experience with Service Management, and therefore, offer the best solutions for almost any size of organisation.


Below is a taste of what you’ll find in the full eBook. We hope you find it both insightful and useful! To skip right to downloading the full piece, click here.

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