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How to increase blog traffic, content and readability

This month there was a huge effort to increase blog traffic and content and it was my best so far in terms of new blog content produced, with 15 new posts and 17% more views.  Not only did I manage to produce traditional blog articles but I used Slideshare to create and share three presentations, one of them was reusing previously published content but in a slide format.  The other two Slideshares were just publishing presentations I had previously given and was just trying to make the content available for those that had attended.

Improving blog content & post titles

I also started using CoSchedule and their headline analyzer to create better titles (from an SEO and readability point of view) for my old and any future posts.  From looking at Google Analytics I also realised there was a number of 404 errors, this was because prior to using I used another provider and since then I had changed a number of blog URLs, therefore creating these 404 errors.  To combat these 404 errors I installed a Redirection plugin on my site so that the user experience was improved and they were actually directed to the correct page.

Some of the highlights & features I started to include in my blog to increase blog traffic:

  • Content created using Slide Share
  • Created a number of new posts, a record 15 posts
  • Added in a redirection plug in to deal with 404 errors called Redirection
  • Sharing posts on StumbleUponBuffer and Google +
  • Using to come up with better titles
  • Started to trial Hootsuite as a way of scheduling social media posted on multiple platforms
  • Signed up to InfoLinks as a way of monitising my site (as it works along site Adsense)
  • Added my blog to a number of directories such as:
  • Traffic for my the site has improved since August, see comparison graphs below:
 increase blog traffic

Previous months blog updates:

July 2016 blog update: Why moving to increased traffic

The plan for the next month is to look at ways to increase blog traffic to my site through better SEO, any suggestions please leave a comment below……

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